Specializing in Super Slow Motion Cinematic Videography. Slow Motion Films in Bend Oregon has a full arsenal of doodads and gadgets to get that spectacular shot in the most extreme conditions. Snow. Dirt. Mud. Rocks. Sand. Nothing scares our crew of maniacal video addicts. Best of all, our rates tell clients that we really are crazy about being creative. It's not the money, it's the experience and adventure that drives us. for the normal speed stuff, we regularly partner with ragefilms.com. With the full crew behind your project, we cover all the bases. Call, click, write. Let's make it official....

  1. SlowMotion Films Reel 2014

    A collection of this years' work with the Phantom Miro LC320S High Speed Camera. For more info go to slowmotionfilms.com or join us on Facebook.

  2. Airshow by Slow Motion Films

    Grabbed a couple shots in Madras Oregon for the Airshow of the Cascades. Shot on Phantom Miro at 1500pfs and a 300mm prime.

  3. Ski Tree Stomping_by Slow Motion Films

    As usual we have used every clip we shot on this 2hr or less shoot with Ari Delashmutt from Bend Oregon. We spoke of what would look good and Ari found and stomped every stunt without hesitation! Amazing athlete here.
    Shot at Bachelor Oregon with Phantom Miro @800 and 1200fps. Prime 15mm and 70-200 2.8. No tripod no problem.

  4. Mt. Bachelor Oregon Snowmobiling in Super Slow Motion by SlowMotion Films

    Hooked up with Phil Yribar and his crew of MANIACS for a spring session near Mt Bachelor, Oregon. Shot at 600-800fps 1080p with the amazing Vision Research Phantom Miro LC320S. Thanks to 208 Productions for bringing us along. For more information visit slowmotionfilms.com or join our Facebook page facebook.com/pages/Slow-Motion-Films/170073419754618

  5. 100 Acre Woods 2013 Phantom Slow Motion, Slow Motion Films

    Slow Motion Films worked with Rally America to bring you these shots from Missouri. All clips shot at 800fps/Canon 70-200, other than water crossing which was 1500fps. Shot on the Phantom Miro LC320S High Speed Camera. For more info see us at slowmotionfilms.com or join our Facebook fan page facebook.com/pages/Slow-Motion-Films/170073419754618

  6. Snowmobile in Super Slow Motion on the Phantom Miro LC320S by Slow Motion Films

    Meet up with Phill Yribar in Mccall, ID for some snomo action at 800fps. Some of the set up shots were at 1500fps and mostly used the canon EF 70-200 lens, sometimes with a 2.5 extender making it a 400mm.
    For more info visit slowmotionfilms.com or join our Facebook community facebook.com/pages/Slow-Motion-Films/170073419754618